By Grace Vasquez

I was such a fan of “Murphy Brown” back in the 80’s!  I remember admiring that she was a single working woman in media which was my dream at the time. The show was funny and also covered a lot of great topics like being a single mom and even tackling breast cancer. So I was surprised that I really wasn’t excited to learn that CBS was bringing back the show including Candice Bergman reprising her main character. Hmm?

CBS has ordered a 13 episode revival of “Murphy Brown” and show is set in modern times where Murphy Brown takes on “cable news, social media, fake news, and a very different political and cultural climate.” Series creator Diane English will also return to the show so fans can be assured they’re getting the real deal!

Lately, we’ve had a few past series making a comeback we have “Will and Grace” another show I loved. I’ll be honest I haven’t watched the relaunch mainly because Debra Messing loathes President Donald Trump and just wants to make a point of her hate on the show. So, pass.

Roseann Barr is said to be coming back with “Roseanne” another show I also liked. Now, I was surprised to hear her character will be a conservative and pro-Trump but she also said they will have other characters that will express liberal views. Good to know because all political views should be expressed on any show plus there is so much to poke fun at when it comes to politicians in general. One of the reasons I loved Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” was because while his character was conservative, many of the characters around him were not. I’m still hoping ABC wakes up and brings LMS back.

So getting back to my opening comment, I’m trying to figure out why I’m not thrilled that “Murphy Brown” is coming back. Is it because I no longer think the way I did in the 80’s and I’m afraid one of my favorite characters still does? What if it’s not as funny as I remember it? I honestly don’t know.

Hmm, maybe it’s because while I enjoy reminiscing I love the here and now more, plus I like me more now too. Please don’t make me wear shoulder pads and big hair again. ~grace

gv 80s Murphy Brown Gets Revived By CBS

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