By Grace Vasquez

I saw this headline and I chuckled. I thought, okay, what’s going on with women’s underwear that the Today show and the New York Times felt compelled to report on it. Well, turns out the ever popular thongs are slipping in popularity while the more “covering” type undies have gone up in sales. What is going on?

When I clicked on the Today show link it basically was highlighting all the new styles from fashion designers in women’s underwear: boy shorts from Calvin Klein (okay these are cute and comfy), the cotton brief (aka granny panties, which gives you the most in coverage), the ever popular bikinis by Hanes (the microfiber is what makes these so comfortable), the hipster boy shorts (these also cute) among many other styles.  All according to sales stats have gone up by 20 percent where the thong, down 7 percent.

So is this full coverage trend all about comfort or it is a political statement? Well, yes and no.

A New York Times report says younger women are opting to wear the “granny panties” as a feminist political statement. In fact, a trend started in 2015 was the “belfies” where women posted on Instagram their feminist convictions in wearing underwear that is comfortable and not because it’s appealing to men.

At the end of the day, I don’t think what type of underwear you wear or don’t wear will make that much of a difference in your relationship with your honey but it will make a difference in how you feel about yourself.

Have you ever bought a trendy blouse or outfit that just was uncomfortable? I don’t know about you but when that happens to me nothing puts me in a bad mood faster! Why would your underwear be any different? I have friends that love thongs and others who would never even think about wearing them, and it all comes down to comfort.

Now, the real question is your guy wearing boxers or briefs? Huh? ~grace


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