By Grace Vasquez

Let’s be honest we all cringe when we have to take a photo for our drivers license right? It’s rare that you find someone who’s happy with their driver’s license photo.  Okay, I’m one of those people. In fact, my photo came out so good even the DMV people were showing my licensepic  to their coworkers, but I digress.

Every DMV office has that depressing bad lighting, and they’re in such a hurry you’re not even given a “Say Cheese” warning! Well that is unacceptable in today’s selfie-obsessed culture, a bad license photo just won’t do.

So no surprise the latest trend of paying big bucks to hairstylists and makeup artists to get glammed up before heading to DMV for their photo inspired by celebs. Well, duh.

We’ve already seen celebs like Khloe Kardashian on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” bring her makeup artist and hairstylist with her to the DMV, as well as Chrissy Teigen who snapchatted her trip to DMV with her hairstylist. All right, just remember we will never ever look like a Kardashian (that may be a good thing).

In New York, asking to have a photo reshot isn’t prohibited, but it’s up to the employee and in most cases, especially if there’s a line, they likely won’t oblige. One rep says she tells people,  “I tell them, ‘This is not a photo shoot!’” Another rep says, “I don’t let them do more than five.” FIVE? Wow, this person is way too nice.

And even if you get your reshoot, if you still don’t like your photo there’s always another, more costly option. Once the license arrives you can spend a $17.50 fee for a replacement license.

Now on the upside, if you do get that perfect driver’s license photo, depending on city, you can keep it and just renew your driver’s license through mail. So glamming up may be worth it after all!

I think I lost my perfect photo driver’s license.  It was in Texas anyway, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t transfer it to Florida and  it was in the 80’s. Dang, I had great hair too. ~grace

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