By Grace Vasquez

If we are honest ladies, we know this study is spot on. Does it apply to all women? Of course not. Does it apply to some women? Oh You Betcha! A new study found women find a man more attractive once they learn he has a wife or girlfriend.

Researchers from the Universities of St Andrews, Durham and Exeter believe that a man is given an “attractiveness boost” when he is desired by other women. Women say it’s because a man in a relationship is perceived to be more kind, faithful and even a better father.

However the caveat here is that women may just be swayed by the opinions of others — and are as likely to up their rating of art works which others like. Wait, are the psychologist saying we, women, cave to peer pressure?

The findings come from an experiment testing the notion of “mate-choice copying,” which is seen in female birds and fish.  It can offer an evolutionary advantage by boosting their chances of finding a good sexual partner. Hmm, it always comes back to procreating doesn’t it?  Females are always on the search for that male that will fit the duties best.

Researchers asked 49 female volunteers to rate men’s faces, men’s hands and a piece of art. But when they were shown others’ ratings and asked again, they moved 13 percent closer to the average facial score and 14 percent closer to the average art rating. Ugh, such followers.

Research leader Dr. Kate Cross, from the University of St. Andrews, said: “Women appear to copy the mate preferences of other women but this might simply be because humans have a general tendency to be influenced by the opinions of others.” So basically, copy cats. Great.

I know these type of studies are endless but honestly, I think we women have always known this about other women. Does it apply to all women? Of course not. Does it apply to some women? Oh, You Betcha’! ~grace

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