By Grace Vasquez

It took me forever to jump on the cell phone wagon. I held out as long as I could and when I finally did get one it was the simplest and cheapest phone ever. And  then I got my first iPhone and it’s been love ever since! Now I find out, according to this survey, people were judging me. The good news, this poll only applies to people that are single. Whew!

Well now if you hang on to your “old” iPhone, it may be the reason you are still single. All right, that’s gotta hurt.

Turns out, people are judging each other by their tech, especially when it comes to the romance department. Wow, are you kidding? How society has fallen.

All right so here’s the poll from  people with an older smartphone are 56% less likely to get a date than someone with a newer model. What’s more, those with iPhones are 21 times more likely to look down on an Android user, wile Android fans are 15 times more likely to thumb their nose at an iPhone owner.

But it’s not just phones. The poll finds that 61% of singles say they find a person with a virtual assistant like Amazon Echo or Google home to be a turn on. And there are plenty of ways your tech could be turning off a potential partner.

One poll found that 86% of women were turned off by a man with a broken Smartphone screen. Plus 68% of people say they are turned off by someone without a computer, and 74% look poorly on someone without the Internet. In addition, 78% of people don’t particularly care for folks who steal their neighbor’s Internet.

Who knew there was so much pressure today in the dating world. So forget having the personality, morals, attractiveness now you have to have to be plugged in to the right technology. I guess so you can sit at dinner on your date with your face buried in your phone! ~grace

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