By Grace Vasquez

If you still have all your music CD’s raise your hand? Now, do you still listen to them? Well, if you still do and you still buy CD’s hang on, you will be witnessing the death of the CD.

Best Buy has announced beginning July 1st it will remove it’s entire compact disc section. Aww. Other stores have hinted they may follow, like Target, who remains committed but may just downsize.

I think we all saw this coming with the massively easy way to get music now on your phone with a few clicks and a credit card. I remember having to save money hoping I could buy the new CD from whatever artist I “loved” at the time. Now when I download music I feel like a kid in a candy store it takes everything in my power to stop from buying every song I’ve ever liked! The convenience is amazing and I can see why we no longer make trips to stores for that big new CD release! I mean be honest, when was the last time you actually bought a CD?

Nielsen Music says CD album unit sales in 2017 fell 19% to 85.4 million and at their peak consumers bought nearly 712 million CD albums in 2001. Automakers also helped in the demise of the CD by phasing out the CD player in vehicles.

The irony is when this info became public, social media, especially TWITTER, got all nostalgic and passionate.

Another death thanks to technology. Vinyl killed by the cassette. The cassette killed by the CD. The CD killed by digital downloads. What will kill digital download? I’m kind of scared to think about that! ~grace

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