By Grace Vasquez

We’ve all contracted something from bacteria floating around whether it’s a stomach virus like I caught in December or that severe strain of flu that is wreaking havoc across the country. How do we prevent from catching that yucky germ? Back to basics, wash your hands and do your best not to touch your face! And avoid germ riddled places. Ha! Easier said than done.

We all assume that toilets are probably the “germiest” right? Well, we assume wrong.

A study commissioned by found self-service check-in screens at airports have over 1,000 times more bacteria on them than your toilet seat at home. OMG!


Researchers swabbed six surfaces at three major U.S. airports and on airplanes. They found self check-in screens were by far the germiest, followed by airline gate bench armrests, and the water fountain button. Airplanes were not as germy as airports, but the airplane toilet handles were the grossest spots, followed up tray tables and seat belt buckles. Ugh, I’ve never been a germaphobe but after catching that stomach bug I’ll admit I am a bit paranoid now.

Oh wait the research also discovered that one-third of the bacteria found on tray tables were bacillus – bacteria that cause food to spoil and some diseases in humans. Gross!  Oh and those bench armrests at an airport gate?  They contained the largest collection of yeast, with the fungi making up 40 per cent of the CFUs tested there.

Sigh. I may never fly again. ~grace

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