By Grace Vasquez

In the world of equality, 2017 dubbed “The Year of The Woman” and never ending dating apps the dating world has definitely changed, right? Well, not as much as you might think.

According to a new survey by dating service It’s Just Lunch, of over 1,100 singles, showed that most women embrace traditional roles, in fact they actually prefer it. Oh boy, this isn’t going to go over well with feminist.

Here’s what the survey discovered: 58% of female respondents think their dates earn “bonus points” if they offer to pay for the date, while less than 1% insist on picking up the bill themselves; and, only 8% intend to pay for the next date. On the flip side, only 16% of males think that their female dates earn bonus points for picking up the tab.

Melissa Brown, CEO of It’s Just Lunch said, “One would think that attitudes would have changed at this point, but women still want to be paid for, and men still want to be the ones to pay…Women are fighting every day for equality, yet they still insist that their dates pick up the tab. It’s really a jarring contrast.”

Driving the point of the traditional mindset even more, the survey found that nearly 44% of females said they wait for their male counterpart to contact them for a second date, while one in three males said they contact them that same night. Interesting. I’ve never been much a follower so when it came to dating if I really liked a guy I would ask him out. I asked my husband out!

The survey also asked what traits they noticed first in a date. Once again, respondents followed the traditional trend:  nearly 42% of females first notice their date’s smile, and 22% notice their physique and eyes, respectively. However, in what seems to be a break from conventional wisdom, less than two% of women reported that they first notice their date’s hair. That would be me! I love beautiful hair!

Conversely, 30% of men first notice their date’s smile, and 47% notice their physique. Really? These men actually said they noticed a woman’s “smile?”


The findings from this survey are actually fascinating especially given recent events with so many young women marching for “equality.”

I guess when it comes to equal pay, women are for it. When it comes to paying for dinner? Yeah, pass. Oh, come on girls, pick up the tab and call that guy. They’ll love it believe me!  ~grace

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