By Grace Vasquez

When I first read this headline I was completely against it but after reading the story I’m giving the school’s administrator some credit for creativity.

Here’s the deal: turns out this school, Mitchell Elementary at 55th Street and Kingsessing Avenue, is in a poverty ridden area and along with all the normal problems that come in impoverished neighborhoods, fighting seems to be a way of life.

Mitchell elementary sticks out among poor schools in big cities: 81 percent of Mitchell’s students live below the poverty line, some are homeless, many are hungry, and some may be raising themselves. Throw in that Kingsessing is also among the city’s most violent corners according to police data.

Principal Stephanie Andrewlevich came up with an incentive of money as a way to “promote peace not just for the older students, but for the whole school.”

The goal for students is not to engage in any fight the entire school year and receive a $100 reward. Some research backs up the financial incentive angle for students to succeed are the most effective for things that children can control — such as doing homework or reading books.

Principal Andrewlevich is even putting up the cash for her students!

We should always have a goal of some kind in life and continue to reach for goals. So I have to congratulate this principal for trying something different to help her students learn how rewarding and satisfying it is to have a goal and reach it!

If this cash reward proves to be successful then next I would like to see this principal teach her students how to handle their money! Win, Win all around!~grace

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