By Grace Vasquez

Rick Stacy and I both admit that one of our guilty pleasures when watching TV is the show “Ancient Aliens” or any other UFO show. I’m torn between wanting to believe and not believing and yet fascinated. So when I see or hear footage from real people with no agenda, it does make me pause.

Here are two UFO incidents making the round on the internet.

One has audio with many pilots who spotted something traveling at high speed. The FAA was called and even U.S. Air Force F-15 jets were called to investigate.

This incident occurred in the skies over Oregon on October 25th, 2017.  The WARZONE website reported on the story, “A mystery aircraft was flying in daylight hours among the steady stream of airliners that traverse from south to north, between locales in California and Nevada and cities like Portland and Seattle and beyond.” Filing for an FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) they were able to get the original calls from pilots calling in to ask what was in their airspace.

Okay, honestly? This audio of pilots describing this object freaked me out a tad!

The next sighting is above Mt. Everest.

Some sharp observers notices an object on stunning two-billion pixel photo of the mountain range by mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears.

The photo was taken in 2012 but recently caught attention to by UFO enthusiasts. When the photo is zoomed in you can clearly see an object flying above the Himalayas. Some say it can’t be a drone because of its height and its shape.

Whether you believe in UFO’s or not, you have to admit both these incidents are spooky. Imagine the information that isn’t released to the public? OMG. ~grace

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