By Grace Vasquez

We’ve all seen crazy stuff on the road whether it was on the side of the road, a marquee sign, vehicle carrying something. Sadly, or funny enough,  too often Florida seems to be the culprit. However, I can assure we are far from alone in this department and this week we have a few examples.

Let’s start out west in California. Police there stop a lot of people for DUI, especially celebs right? Well, Long Beach police got a call about a DUI sort of. It was an intoxicated man riding a horse on the very busy 91 freeway. Fortunately, no animal was injured in this stunt.

Then there’s this guy who just wanted some fresh air what’s the big deal? He got caught riding his ATV sans attire! That had to be here in Florida right? Nope! Kansas baby.

Cat lady’s love their cats so much they’ll risk their lives even on a busy Houston freeway! Check this woman out who stopped busy city traffic to get her little kitty cat! Grant it, I’d probably do this!

In fact, Houston saw a lot of crazy things on their roadways last three years so they created one post check them out here. Hint

As for Florida, well, we of course have our fair share of crazy things but I came to this blog because of what I saw over the weekend. I was however, relieved to see the license plates were from New Jersey! Yes! Check out this wanna-be-McGyver!

ac on van Crazy Things We See On The Road

Photo By Grace Vasquez

Only in Florida right? Apparently not…craziness is not just a Floridian thing! ~grace

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