By Grace Vasquez

I know we’re not supposed to kiss our dogs on the lips or let them lick us but I know my doggies and I brush their teeth and don’t let them lick or eat anything off the ground when we’re walking. Saying all that, I didn’t even think about their bowls! Now a new study finds our pet food and water bowls are some of the germiest in our home. Oh Oh!

Product testing and inspecting organization NSF International examined 30 everyday items from 22 different households, and discovered that pet food dishes ranked fourth in the final list of areas that contain the most germs.

Pet bowl came in fourth under kitchen sponge/dish rag, kitchen sink, and toothbrush holder. For the complete list of germ filled places in your home that by the way includes your pets toys too, click here.

When it comes to your pet’s food dish, if you think you don’t need to wash it as often if you’re giving Spot dry food, think again. Veterinarian Dr. Jessica Vogelsang says dry foods leave behind residue that can result in bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella living in food bowls.

To prevent you, or your dog, from catching a nasty bug NSF recommends washing food and water bowls daily, either in a dishwasher or with soap and hot water. You might also want to choose stainless steel or ceramic bowls, as plastic ones can crack easily, giving germs an easy place to hide.

I also find the plastic ones grow mold. Ugh. Disgusting.

So, now I feel guilty about my furry kidz bowls. I don’t wash them as often as I should but knowing this I will wash them every day. Okay, well, not every day but every other day. Okay, maybe once a week. Kidding. Every day! I don’t want my babies to get sick or me either. Kisses! ~grace

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