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IMG_2478I hate writing “bios” of myself. I feel like I’m writing one of those annoying Christmas letters that are three pages long! So with that in mind, I’ll keep it short and sweet like me.

I was born in a small town…kidding! I’m from TEXAS baby! I consider myself a Texican! Flags I display proudly at our home, American, Texas, Dallas Cowboys and Iron Maiden (long story).

I landed in Florida 2000 and have graced (pun intended) your radio since then. I did mornings 2000-2006 with Doc and Johnny at XL1067. Doc and I went Country with The Doc and Grace Morning Show at K923 from ’06 to ’13.

My next radio stop began in 2013 here at 1059 SUNNY FM! I rocked nights with my 80’s at 8 for about 8 months (loved it btw) before Rick Stacy bullied me into doing mornings with him and now I grace (another intended pun) The Rick Stacy Morning Show (I’m still working on getting name credit on the show). I go solo from 9 to 10 for The Office Party or as the boys call it, my “call in talk show.” Whatevs!

I often get asked a lot of the same questions, so to save you and me time I’ll just respond now with all my normal answers and I’m sure one will fit your question.

Here we go:

· Yes I am; no, we don’t

· We have two dogs, German Shepherds

· They haven’t bitten anyone yet; no, neither have I

· Texas, El Paso

· ‘da Boys!

· It’s not polite to ask a woman that question, I’m an Aries

· Its part of my job but you really should feel badly for his wife

· We never do in radio; a lot of people think I’m blonde

Hope I answered your question. If not, feel free to email, FB , Tweet, Instagram, oh heck, just freaking call 407-919-1059.

Seriously, thank you for listening to me on the air all these years and thank you for reading this BIO (there’s a minute you’ll never get back).



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