Today In Music History: 01/22/18

Brian Wilson and no other Beach Boys, start recording the instrumental track to “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” Rolling Stone Magazine issues their tribute issue to John Lennon, and Barry Manilow does the National Anthem at Super Bowl XVIII.

1059 SUNNY FM–1 hour ago

Today In Music History: 01/19/18

The Monkees sell over 10 million copies of “I’m a Believer,” Paul inducts John into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Fleetwood Mac reunite at Bill Clinton’s inauguration and sing “Don’t Stop.”

1059 SUNNY FM–01/19/2018

Today In Music History: 01/18/18

Studio 54 comes to an end, Stevie Wonder becomes the youngest member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and guys from three different bands get together to make Bad Company…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/18/2018

Today In Music History: 01/17/18

The guy that played it was paid $42, the trumpet he played fetched over $10,000 at an auction later, Cyndi Lauper lends her voice to The Sipsons and Donny Osmond and Danny Bonaduce fight for charity…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/17/2018

Today In Music History: 01/16/18

Clapton goes “Unplugged,” Sir Paul goes to jail, “Hutch” goes to No.1 and Bruce goes to college…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/16/2018

Today In Music History: 01/15/18

Lots of great releases Today in Music History, we also lose one of the Beatles favorite singers, Happy Days hits our TVs and the Counting Crows sing on SNL.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/15/2018

Today In Music History: 01/12/18

America Pie hits #1, Maurice Gibb passes away, Motley Crue headlines their first US tour and George Clooney sings…..kinda..Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/12/2018

Today In Music History: 01/11/18

Today in Music History we get the first Rock In Rio festival, Nirvana on Saturday Night Live, Ike and Tina on The Ed Sullivan Show and The Whisky-a-Go-Go opens in L.A.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/11/2018

Today In Music History: 01/10/18

Cyndi Lauper becomes the first female artist in 17 years to get five Grammy Award nominations in the same year, the Stones record what would be their first US release and it was just two years ago that we lost Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Bowie….Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/10/2018

Today In Music History: 01/09/18

Mick Jagger can’t get a visa and the Stones can’t tour Japan. Sting is on The Simpsons, Van Halen releases 1984 and Jimmy Page is turning 74 today.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/09/2018

Today In Music History: 01/08/18

It’s Elvis Day across the nation, KISS signs their first record deal, Rubber Soul, by The Beatles hits #1 and Rush becomes Canada’s Ambassadors of Music.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/08/2018

Today In Music History: 01/04/18

Today in Music History marks a bad day for rockers, as we lose three, Vanilla Ice gets arrested in Florida, and Yes release their first big hit “Roundabout.”

1059 SUNNY FM–01/04/2018

Today In Music History: 01/03/18

Britney Spears gets married, gets annulled and goes crazy, The Arsenio Hall show debuts, Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Bay City Rollers get on cereal boxes.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/03/2018

Today In Music History: 01/02/18

George Harrison becomes the first Beatle to have a solo album hit number one in the US, The leader of the band that claimed Led Zeppelin ripped them off dies while saving his son, and Madonna has her first no.1 Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/02/2018

Today In Music History: 01/01/18

Elton John celebrates a song on the charts for 23 years straight, ABBA does their last concert ever, and Three Dog Night ride in the Rose Bowl Parade..Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/01/2018

Today In Music History: 12/29/17

Elvis has 10 songs on the Billboard Top 100 at the same time, Billy Joel and his “Uptown Girl” have a daughter and three months after his death, almost to the day, Jim Croce hits #1 with “Time In A Bottle.”

1059 SUNNY FM–12/29/2017

Today In Music History: 12/28/17

The first ever music festival hits the East Coast, Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys drowns, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nivana, and Pearl Jam all share the same stage and the Doors release “Touch Me,” Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/28/2017

Today In Music History: 12/27/17

Puff Daddy and J. Lo get arrested, The Tokens hit #1, The Four Season’s release their biggest charting song and John and Yoko grab the #1 spot on the album chart…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/27/2017

Today In Music History: 12/26/17

Hendrix writes “Purple Haze,” Led Zeppelin embark on their first ever US tour, George Harrison becomes the first ex-Beatle to have a US No.1 and AC/DC get their first and only No.1 on the US album chart Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/26/2017

Today In Music History: 12/22/17

The last Christmas song to top the charts did it Today in Music History. We get an acting debut, the death of a music icon and the guy that had the last No.1 of the 70’s and first No.1 of the 80’s.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/22/2017

Today In Music History: 12/21/17

The Temps release “MY Girl,” The Graduate has it’s premier, Elvis goes to see the Prez, and “Born In the USA” does something even “Thriller” didn’t.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/21/2017

Today In Music History: 12/19/17

A classic song was born Today in Music History, Elton John breaks into the Top 40 here in the US, Ron Wood joins the Rolling Stones and The 45th President of the United States embarks on his second marriage.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/19/2017

Today In Music History: 12/18/17

Today in Music History we get a soap opera wedding for real, The first appearance of The Grinch, Rod and Tina get together and Hall Oates become the most prolific duo in music history.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/18/2017

Today In Music History: 12/15/17

Aerosmith performs on American Bandstand, The Sex Pistols are denied visas, Rod Stewart marries Rachel Hunter and “Do They Know It’s Christmas” becomes the biggest selling single of all time in the UK.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/15/2017

Today In Music History: 12/14/17

Billy Joel plays Madison Square Garden for the first time, Paul and company play the New Cavern Club and we get some movies with HUGE soundtracks Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/14/2017

Today In Music History: 12/13/17

Today in Music History, an Eagle guest stars in a movie, another Eagle becomes Ringo Starr’s brother-in-law, Phil Collins makes his acting debut and Foghat release “Slow Ride.”

1059 SUNNY FM–12/13/2017

Today In Music History: 12/12/17

Today in Music History we have a ton of great releases, a Human League song that the singer hates goes No.1 and who has the greatest selling soundtrack of all time? It’s not the Bee Gees, it’s Whitney Houston for “The Bodyguard.”

1059 SUNNY FM–12/12/2017

Today In Music History: 12/11/17

Motown scores their first #1 song, Nicole gets her a Madden brother, Ace Frehley gets electrocuted at a concert in Lakeland and Toni Basil hits #1 with “Mickey.”

1059 SUNNY FM–12/11/2017

Today In Music History: 12/08/17

Lot’s of would’ve been birthdays, John Lennon is shot and killed, Vince Neil wrecks his car killing his famous passenger and injuring two others, and Mick Jagger becomes a dad for the 8th time at 73.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/08/2017

Today In Music History: 12/07/17

Today in Music History we get the story of Straight No Chaser, some #1’s and a couple of rock and roll’s finest join the heavenly band.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/07/2017

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