Today In Music History: 10/19/17

Today in Music History, Prince releases “Prince” The Beatles say “Hello, Goodbye” Pearl Jam gives us “Vs.” and the survey says…….most people spend about $40,000 on music during their lifetime.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/19/2017

Today In Music History: 10/18/17

Simon and Garfunkel reunite on SNL, Hanson sings The National Anthem and The Animals play “The Ed Sullivan Show” Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/18/2017

Today In Music History: 10/17/17

“Hair” opens, Lynyrd Skynyrd releases “Street Survivors” three days before their plane goes down, The Barenaked Ladies hit #1 for one week with the song “One Week” and The Bee Gees make it three decades of #1’s in the U.K…..Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/17/2017

Today In Music History: 10/16/17

Creedence calls it quits, The Stones release “It’s Only Rock and Roll,” Chuck Berry gets a big birthday party and Rick Dee’s has the last #1 novelty on the Hot 100..Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/16/2017

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Today In Music History: 10/13/17

The Who release “My Generation,” The Beach Boys sing “Good Vibrations,” and Matchbox Twenty headlines their first tour. Today in Music History! Happy Friday 13th.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/13/2017

Today In Music History: 10/12/17

The Rumor “Paul is Dead” is started at a Detroit radio station, George Harrison gets his 3rd #1 single, John Denver crashes his plane and Mariah Carey makes it five in a row for number one singles.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/12/2017

Today In Music History: 10/11/17

The Beatles hit the UK charts for the first time, Lennon releases “Imagine” “Saturday Night Live” debuts with George Carlin as guest host, and Dave Grohl plays his first live gig with his new band Nirvana….Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/11/2017

Today In Music History: 10/10/17

The Beach Boys give us “Good Vibrations,” Steve Perry joins Journey, Queen releases “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and David Lee Roth is having a birthday..Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/10/2017

Today In Music History: 10/07/17

John Lennon would’ve been 77 today, Elvis and Priscilla call it quits, Glen Campbell plays with the Beach Boys and The Boss releases “Tunnel of Love.”

1059 SUNNY FM–10/09/2017

Today In Music History: 10/06/17

Glee beats out The Beatles, The Supremes have their 6th number one song in less than 15 months and Jessie Jackson tells Mick Jagger to change the words to a song……he does not…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/06/2017

Today In Music History: 10/05/17

Happy BDAY to Brian Johnson of AC/DC and Steve Miller. We get Motley Crue playing as The Foreskins, “Sugar Sugar” and “Photograph” hit #1 and ABBA visits the White House.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/05/2017

Today In Music History: 10/04/17

Queen hits #1, Hall and Oates hit #1, Nickleback hits #1 and Lennon becomes the last of The Beatles to have a solo #1 on Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/04/2017

Today In Music History: 10/03/17

We have birthdays, releases, the loss of one of my fave bass players and the first time a Buffalo Wing was served Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–10/03/2017

Today In Music History: 10/02/17

Rob Thomas gets married, Sting is having a birthday, John Belushi plays Joe Cocker, right in front of Joe Cocker and Madonna releases “Erotica.”

1059 SUNNY FM–10/02/2017

Today In Music History: 09/29/17

Today in Music History we get Grand Funk, Prince, Exile, The Pointer Sisters, Nirvana and Stacys Mom.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/29/2017

Today In Music History: 09/28/17

Elvis gives us “Love Me Tender” The Beatles hit #1 with “Hey Jude” and Garth Brooks releases “Ropin’ The Wind,” which would spend 18 weeks at #1 on the album chart.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/28/2017

Today In Music History: 09/27/17

Meatloaf turns 70, Lil wayne beats Elvis, The Beatles get back on the charts 22 years later and Springsteen turns writer…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/27/2017

Today In Music History: 09/26/17

Prince gives us “Purple Rain,” Robert Palmer unexpectedly passes, U2 is the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” for their 35th season premier, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show hits theaters and nobody goes.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/26/2017

Today In Music History: 09/25/17

Led Zeppelin loses their drummer and Nirvana finds theirs, Today in Music History. We also get a slew of birthdays, new releases and performances on Saturday Night Live.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/25/2017

Today In Music History: 09/22/17

Lobo performs on American Bandstand, John Lennon signs with Geffen records, Full House debuts on TV and Bruce Springsteen goes “Unplugged” for one song.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/22/2017

Today In Music History: 09/21/17

BTO releases their only #1 song, The Bangles break up, only to reunite 10 years later, Nirvana releases the last single while Kurt Cobain is still alive, and R.E.M. calls it quits…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/21/2017

Today In Music History: 09/20/17

The Nelson brothers are born, Billy Joel gets his star, Dave Matthews gets on the radio and “Sugar Sugar” hits #1…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/20/2017

Today In Music History: 09/19/17

Creedence Clearwater Revival gets their only #1 song on either side of the Atlantic, Pearl Jam set a record, Simon and Garfunkel reunite and the first No Nukes concert takes place at Madison Square Garden.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/19/2017

Today In Music History: 09/18/17

The Beatles record “Birthday,” The Eagles release “Heartache Tonight,” KISS goes on MTV with no makeup and The Village People get a star…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/18/2017

Today In Music History: 09/15/17

Today in Music History features two untimely deaths, a transatlantic music record, and Elvis and Huey Lewis’ biggest records.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/15/2017

Today In Music History: 09/14/17

Pete Townsend is reportedly working on a rock opera, Earth Wind and Fire get their star, the first ever MTV Video Music Awards are held, and Britney gives birth, Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/14/2017

Today In Music History: 09/13/17

Rugby players are no match for Rolling Stones fans, The Beatles (only Paul) release the song “Yesterday” in the U.S., Nivana gets kicked out of their own release party and Tupak Shakur dies from his gunshot wounds he received 6 days earlier…Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/13/2017

Today In Music History: 09/12/17

The Monkees and Party of Five debut on T.V., Michael Jackson kicks off his Bad Tour, and we lose the “man in black” Johnny Cash, Today in Music History.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/12/2017

Today In Music History: 09/11/17

The Stones are on the Ed Sullivan Show, David and Bing make Christmas magic, Peter Gabriel cleans up at the MTV video music awards and the Jackson 5 get a T.V. show.

1059 SUNNY FM–09/11/2017

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