Jacksonville Jaguars Apologize For London Kneeling

The Jacksonville Jaguars have apologized to local military leaders for kneeling during the national anthem during their exhibition game in London.


AirAsia Jet Plunges 24,000 Feet In Just 9 Minutes

An AirAsia flight plunged 24,000 feet in 9 minutes and the staff accused of ‘screaming’ as plane falls.


Halloween Costumes Of Cheaters

So, what costumes are likely to make women stray? Well, the top costumes for cheaters are listed according to a recent poll.


Your FitBit, Key Fob Even Pacemaker Could Snitch On You

Watch out Big Brother is watching you! And you invited him in to your life! Smart devices keeping track of us and helping police with crime information.


Halloween Warning: Head Lice May Be Waiting In Store Costumes

Heads up! Medical officials are warning that some Halloween costumes may have head lice! What?


California Law: Jail If Use Wrong Pronoun

New California law allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun. Wait, what?


Study: Best Way To Break Up With Someone

Researchers asked participants what’s the best way to dump someone.


Grandma Buys Childrens Book Full Of Curse Words

Grandma buys book for a 6 year old filled with curse words and adult content but in her defense, it appeared like a childrens book. Oops!


A Cafe Goes ‘Screen Free’ Gets Backlash On Social Media

A popular cafe asks patrons to power down and unplug, making cafe ‘screen free’ and the backlash was intense.


Halloween Prankster Almost Falls Under Car

Ever have a prank go wrong? Well this one did but lucky for this guy it didn’t end up badly.


Pregnant Plus-Size Woman Fired Over Risque Engagement Photos

A pregnant plus-size woman was fired after she posted photos announcing her engagement that the company deemed to risque.


Boy Swallows Toy And Now Squeaks When He Speaks

We all have done stupid things when we were kids but did you ever swallow a squeaky toy? This boy did and now, you guessed it, he squeaks!


Las Vegas Shooter’s Family Live In Orlando

Family of the Las Vegas shooter lives in Orlando and they are in complete shock.


Orlando Residents Can Get A Free Tree

If you’re an Orlando resident and lost a tree during Hurricane Irma or you just would like a free tree then here’s the info you need.


Oreo Cookie “Vinyl Records”

Awesomeness! A cookie you can hear and eat? Somebody pinch me! Check out Oreo cookies “vinyl record.”


Taco Bell Enters The Fashion World

First, Taco Bell Cantinas (minus drive thru) and now, Taco Bell clothing line. Wait. What? It’s true.


Royal Caribbean Sends Ship To Help Puerto Rico

Royal Caribbean freeing up a ship to bring donated supplies to each port and bring evacuees from the islands to Fort Lauderdale ahead of ship’s next scheduled cruise on Oct. 6.


Your Choice In Music Could Determine If You’re A Psychopath

Your choice of music could determine if you have psychopath tendencies! Oh boy!


Rescuing Florida’s Wildlife

Meet little Scout! A rescued baby raccoon. If you ever find an orphaned animal or injured and don’t know who to turn to, I know a local organization you can call.


Former Serviceman’s Email On NFL Protests Generates Calls

We discussed the NFL protests this morning but it was one email from a former serviceman that really resonated with many of our listeners. He gave us permission to post.


Dog Throws Temper Tantrum Over His Food

Dogs are very vocal especially when they want something! Check out the latest viral video of this doggie’s temper tantrum over his food.


Don’t Call 911 For Halloween Decorations

Do the police have to tell you not to call 911 for a Halloween decoration? Apparently in one town they do. Check out why.


Are You Ready For The Hairy Beer Belly “Dad Bag” Fanny Pack?

Fanny packs can be useful but now there’s one out there with a triple purpose: useful, embarrassing and great for a laugh! It is funny!


Wolf Whistling And Asking For A Phone Number A Hate Crime?

Ladies if a man whistles at you do you consider it harrassment? If he asks for your phone number a couple of times is that harrassment? Well, it soon may be in France.


Pumpkin Spice Pizza

Pumpkin spice pizza? Seriously? Do they want us to hate a spice we love by overesposure? What’s next? Pumpkin spice perfume?


Ready For Taco Bell And Tequila

Taco Bell execs are thinking “outside the bun” as they plan to dump the drive-thru’s for Taco Bell Cantina’s! Late night grub with more alcohol, what could go wrong? Aye Caramba!


Humans Biologically Programmed To Take Naps!

Great news scientist say humans have evolved to take a short midday snooze! Tell me something I didn’t know or do.


Toys “R” Us Files For Bankruptcy

Our new way of shopping, online, is killing our brick-and-mortar stores example the latest to file bankruptcy is Toys “R” Us! So will they close before Christmas? What about credit cards? Gift cards?


Airlines Prepare For Hurricane Maria

Some major national airlines say there will be no change fees as Hurricane Maria heats up but warn travelers of cancellations and delays now. We have links to airlines preparing now.


Beware Hurricane Free-Food-Stamps Scam

FEMA is not giving away free food stamps to anyone who went through Hurricane Irma. Scammers are calling, texting, emailing claiming they’re with FEMA fishing for your information.


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