Why You Should Stop Drinking Diet Soda

Read why you should kick your diet soda fix now! Scary stuff.

3 hours ago

Security At Jackson Browne Concert Ramped Up After Threat

Security has been increased after perceived threats targeting the Jackson Browne concert tonight at Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts.

4 hours ago

“Time Traveler” Reveals What Life Is Like In The Year 6000

Another viral video this time from a man who claims he was part of a secret time travel mission – and has a picture to prove it and says we have cures now to diseases like cancer.


YouTube Pulling The Plug On TidePod Challenge Videos

Twenty years ago we thought we’d have flying cars by now instead we have to tell kids “Don’t eat detergent!” Really?


Woman Treats Huge Python Snake Like A Puppy

I’m not a huge fan of snakes but this woman makes this ginormous python seem cute. Watch her get this big snake into a tub for a bath.


Old Fashion Advice That Still Works

Do you think old fashion advice still applies today? I say yes!


Vote For The Next Glaze For Krispy Kreme

Your Vote Counts! Love donuts then get on it and vote for the next glaze flavor that will be featured by Krispy Kreme! I already know which one I’m voting for! Yum!


Botched Family Photos Go Viral…Must See!

These family photos went viral after their photographer said he could “touch them up.” You have to see results. You will laugh!


Now You Can Make KFC Chicken At Home

Ever wanted to learn the super secret recipe to KFC fried chicken? Well, here it is!


Is A Consensual Sex App In Our Future?

A consensual sex app may be in our future by creating legally binding contracts before you go out on a date and explore further. Is it binding? Will it help?


CVS Taking A Major Stand Against Re-Touched Photos

CVS banning photo manipulation from their store makeup ads, and labeling products that doctor images. So, pretty much sucking the fun out of shopping.


New Trend For Men’s Fashion: Skirts

Are skirts the next men’s fashion trend? Yes.


Now You Can Video Chat With Your Pet

If you can’t get through your day without seeing your dog well now there’s an app that will let you video chat with your furry BFF! Awesomeness!


Dunkin’ Donuts Streamlines Their Menu

Hope your fav item at Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t get the axe because mine did. DD simplifying their menu to give us “faster, more accurate service.”


List Of Ways You Can Support National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

We list different ways you can show your support for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.


Don’t Call Them ‘Scrunchies’ They’re ‘Hair Clouds’

90’s scrunchies are making a big come back but be warned they have a new name and big price tag.


Gym Bans ‘Unhealthy’ Cable News

One fitness chain is banning 24 hour cable news because of their “consistently negative or politically charged content” which doesn’t match their “healthy way of life philosophy.” Agree? Disagree?


Celebration For The UCF National Champions Downtown Orlando

The City of Orlando want us all to celebrate the perfect, undefeated National Champions our UCF Golden Knights! Celebration this Monday, 6 pm Church Street.


Pizza For Breakfast

Love pizza? Well, now you can enjoy it for breakfast…guilt free. What?!


Most Common New Year’s Resolutions And How To Keep Them

The reality of our New Year’s resolutions are about to set in, with many of us setting same goals and no clue on how to actually keep them. Here’s some expert advice on how to keep your resolutions.


Plastic Surgery For Christmas

Plastic surgery for Christmas? Why not! New survey found lipo and tummy tucks most popular gifts!


Today Is Winter Solstice And Could Be The Worst Day Too

Welcome to Winter Solstice! The shortest day of the year may also be a bad day to start anything, so say astrologers!


Most People Really Want Experiences For Christmas

According to a new survey, 95 million Americans would rather get a gift of experience than any other form of present, including gift certificates.


Top Ten Best Places For Christmas

WalletHub’s list of Best Places For Christmas based on traditions, fun, observance, generosity, and shopping. Hint: We live very close to one of those cities!


SpaceX/Tesla’s Elon Musk Tweets His Personal Phone Number

Oops! Don’t you hate when you give out personal info on social media and you didn’t mean to? Even more embarrassing when your a major player in the tech field.


Most Annoying Word/Phrase Of 2017

What word or phrase is so overused it gets on your last nerve? Well, this year’s “Most Annoying Word/Phrase” is a previous winner and it doesn’t look like it will be dethroned any time soon.


Do You Suffer From “Selftis?”

Are you or someone you know obsessed with taking selfies? Then you may be suffering from “selftis” and yes, it’s a real mental disorder, or so the experts say. Take the quiz and find out.


Mama Deer Wanders Into Gas Station, Comes Back With Family

OMG! Dream come true for animal lovers! A mama deer wanders into a store, owner lures her out with peanut butter. What happened next was unbelievable and the pictures are priceless!


Bullying Video Goes Viral And It Will Break Your Heart

“Why do they bully?” This video by a tearful Keaton Jones, who gets bullied, wants to know why do kids bully? Video goes viral and so many are now coming to side with Keaton.


This Plastic Fake Phone Claims Will Break Your Smartphone Addiction

Do you feel addicted to your iPhone? You’re not alone but this piece of plastic may help you.


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