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Rick Stacy On Demand 2.22.18

An airplane passenger airs out her undies, a baby hippo is born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and R. Kelly gets evicted in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–21 hours ago

Wedding Photographer Takes More Photos Of Posteriors, Breasts And Bridesmaids

Weddings are supposed to be a once in a lifetime event and photos are precious. This couple found their photog was more interested in the bridesmaids and sexy guests instead bridal couple.


Rick Stacy On Demand 2.21.18

Good help is hard to find, employee unions fight with Disney execs, and Kirstie Alley fights with the U.S. Curling team on Twitter in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/21/2018

“New York Times” Anti-Yoga Pants Piece Sparks Backlash

Women are not okay with the “Times” op-ed suggesting yoga pants are “bad for women.” What do you think of yoga pants?


Rick Stacy On Demand 2.20.18

A flatulent airline passenger, a wardrobe malfunction at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and Fergie destroys our National Anthem in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/20/2018

Latest Designer Offers “HooHa” Wigs

They were debuted where else? Of course, New York Fashion Week. Where the most outrageous in fashions are rolled out, so not surprised to see “wigs” for a woman’s privates!


Two Separate UFO Sightings With Reliable Witnesses

Have you ever seen a UFO? Well, here are two separate UFO sightings by some solid witnesses on audio and photos that make you wonder!


“Demonic” Child Makes Eight Hours Flight Pure Hell

Imagine being stuck on a long 8 hr. flight with a screaming kid throwing a fit? As is the case we have a video.


McD’s Happy Meal Gets A Make-Over

McDonald’s vows to cut Happy Meal calorie counts, sugar, salt and more by 2020 and the news is making some not very happy.


Rick Stacy On Demand 2.15.18

Snapchat changes its interface, Aly Raisman poses nude for Sport Illustrated, and a fake butt is used in an attempt to smuggle cocaine in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/15/2018

This Is How Much Money You Need To Be Happy

New research reveals just how much money it takes for people to be happy with their lives. What would that amount be for you?


Rick Stacy On Demand 2.14.18

A scientific test for love, Shaun White gets another gold medal for Team USA at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and a Tampa man has a worm in his eyeball in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/14/2018

A Philly Elementary Now Pays Their Students Not To Fight

So how do you control an out-of-control student? A bully? Well, of course, you pay them to behave, at least they do in one Philadelphia school.


Two Different Cases Behind Worms In Eyes

OMG! Not one, but two totally different type cases of worms found in the eyes of two unrelated persons.


Rick Stacy On Demand 2.13.18

Couples that fake it for Facebook, Amazon sugarcoats their latest layoffs, and an Oregon golf course is training goats to be caddies in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/13/2018

Fired Outback Server Gets Her Tip From Church Afterall

Do you tip when you order pick-up? A server at an Outback was fired after posting a church stiffed her on her tip on a $735 order.


Rick Stacy On Demand 2.12.18

Too many male dogs at Westminster, Disney raises park admission prices again, and a New York man turns his home into a sanctuary for over 300 cats in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/12/2018

Man Spanks Stranger’s Toddler At A Store

A 62 year old man was arrested for spanking a stranger’s toddler in a grocery store line. Ouch!


Rick Stacy On Demand 2.9.18

A Boston restaurant offers jewelry in their burgers, Dunkin’ Donuts says goodbye to Styrofoam cups, and Quincy Jones says Richard Pryor slept with Marlon Brando in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/09/2018

How Women Feel If A Man Offers To Pay For A Date

New survey finds more women opt for traditional dating roles. Interesting. Some other findings also lean traditionally.


Rick Stacy On Demand 2.8.18

A Michigan couple are expecting their 14th child, Quincy Jones tells all, and a D.C. politician gets pranked on a Ukrainian radio show in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/08/2018

Restaurant offers $3,000 Valentine’s Burger Includes Engagement Ring

Restaurant offers a very special Valentine’s Day meal: a hamburger that includes an engagement ring all for a mere $3,000. Can I have two please,to go?


Rick Stacy On Demand 2.7.18

A Bitcoin stripper party, Space X successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket, and a school closes due to a squirrel hunt in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/07/2018

Rick Stacy On Demand 2.6.18

Old phones are a turn-off, Space X is set to launch their Falcon Heavy rocket, and a drunken Kevin Hart tries to get on stage during the Super Bowl in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/06/2018

New Guidelines Force Elementary School To Cancel Father-Daughter Dance

A Staten Island elementary school has canceled it’s annual Father-Daughter dance because of regulations issued about “gender-neutral” rules from the New York Department of Education.


Who Had The Best Super Bowl Ad?

There are many opinions about who had the best Super Bowl ad, Do their picks rate with you? Mine didn’t even make the list.


Eagles Fan Fears She Missed The Super Bowl Post Surgery

Anesthesia got the best of one Eagles fan, who was scared she missed the Super Bowl. As is the case in all these videos, it’s fun to watch!


Rick Stacy On Demand 2.1.18

Pizza for breakfast may be healthier than you think, Mel Gibson begins filming a second Passion of the Christ movie, a woman tries to bring her support peacock on an airplane in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–02/01/2018

Gordon Ramsay Lost Over 50 Lbs. To Save His Marriage After Ultimatum

Chef Gordon Ramsay said he lost over 50 lbs to “save his marriage.” Here’s how he did it.


Rick Stacy On Demand 1.31.18

Quincy Jones has 22 girlfriends, Elon Musk is selling flamethrowers, and an Italian postal worker hoards tons of mail in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.

1059 SUNNY FM–01/31/2018

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