Kids React To Madonna

Some honesty from some young people about a Pop Icon.

1059 SUNNY FM–19 hours ago

Great Christmas/Star Wars Lights Mashup In Davenport

The force is definitely with this festive display.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/13/2017

Warning: Graphic Picture Included

Cats are curious AND easily frightened by plastic bags that don’t let go…

1059 SUNNY FM–12/11/2017

Kids Respond To The Beatles’ Music

In honor of John Lennon, who we lost 37 years ago today.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/08/2017

Homeless Veteran Uses Last $20 To Help Motorist

She pays him back and he pays it forward. I am tearing up here.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/07/2017

It’s Official: Dead & Company Show Postponed

As we expected, the show is postponed. Hang on to your tickets.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/06/2017

John Mayer Has Emergency Appendectomy

Dead & Company show this Thursday? We’ll let you know if it’s moved.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/05/2017

Lee Vista Promenade Giveaways And More Baking!

Some baked goods and a real winner!

1059 SUNNY FM–12/04/2017

How To Avoid Sexual Harassment In Politics

What do you think? She does have a point.

1059 SUNNY FM–12/01/2017

Me And An Eagle (NOT Bird Watching)

Yesterday was Winning Wednesday – my favorite day of the week! It reminded me of this shot…

1059 SUNNY FM–11/30/2017

Bird Watching In Central Florida

Sybil takes a few pictures of interesting birds in Winter Garden. Sybil may invest in a newer iPhone soon.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/29/2017

What Did We Do Before The Internet?

You can Google anything. However, I don’t recommend it for plumbing or electrical work.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/28/2017

Tips For Leftover Turkey: Give It To Me

Recovering from Thanksgiving and four days off.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/27/2017

Thanksgiving Day Travel Facts

Facts about travel on Thanksgiving and before.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/22/2017

Weather Channel Camera Man Implodes

A Marta bus blocks a shot of the Georgia Dome implosion, SERIOUSLY aggravating the camera man.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/21/2017

How Many Calories Are in That Turkey Day Meal?

We take a look at the typical calorie count on the “big day.”

1059 SUNNY FM–11/20/2017

AC/DC Guitarist and Co-Founder, Malcolm Young, Dead at 64

AC/DC’s Malcolm Young passes.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/18/2017

Weekends In Central Florida In The “Winter”

What are YOU doing this weekend?

1059 SUNNY FM–11/17/2017

EPCOT Launch Anniversary

Walt Disney’s planned city EPCOT announced and launched in 1965.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/16/2017

Grasshopper Discovered In Priceless Van Gogh

Priceless Van Gogh painting features grasshopper corpse.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/15/2017

Kansas Keyboardist and Vocalist Ronnie Platt Interview

Sybil talks with Ronnie Platt of Kansas about the recent tour and upcoming concert on December 9 in the Villages.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/14/2017

Another Famous (Bob Dylan’s) Guitar Auctioned

Another guitar fetches a bunch of moola at auction!

1059 SUNNY FM–11/13/2017

Kids React To Led Zeppelin

Kids react to Led Zeppelin. Most of them have VERY good taste.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/10/2017

A Very Cute Creepy Crawly Spider (Animation)

A very CUTE spider (animation).

1059 SUNNY FM–11/09/2017

A New Way to Date On Facebook Watch

NEW: RelationShipped – Would you want complete strangers on the internet guiding YOUR dating?

1059 SUNNY FM–11/08/2017

Teal Electric Prince Guitar Fetches $700k!

How much would you pay for a guitar from Prince? If you had that kind of money…

1059 SUNNY FM–11/07/2017

Help The 20th Annual Basket Brigade!

Help out the 20th Annual Basket Brigade help your neighbors in need.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/06/2017

National Sandwich Day Deals

Sybil runs down some deals you can score on National Sandwich Day!

1059 SUNNY FM–11/03/2017

A Final Post To Celebrate Halloween And Dia de los Muertos

Sybil shares one for the final day of Dia de los Muertos. A cockatiel who can whistle the “Addams Family” theme.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/02/2017

Orlando Number One City To Visit In Winter – If You Hate The Cold

Orlando named the number one spot to vacation in winter – if you don’t like winter.

1059 SUNNY FM–11/01/2017

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