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syb300 Sybil  BioSybil rarely refers to herself in third person but she (I) will in this case: Sybil was born in Washington, D.C. and is a 40-year veteran of radio (she was the only one in the Radio Club in high school who wasn’t afraid the microphone was going to bite her – a natural HAM, not honey-baked) and loves all of the arts, including music, making pottery, gardening and baking. Just ask her mother, who hasn’t bought a loaf of bread in three years. In fact she makes her own yogurt, English muffins, chocolate syrup and lemon curd. She did not, however, know lemon trees had thorns until she moved to Florida. OW! She has just sprouted her fourth mango pit and started another tree! She’d like hens if she can convince the City of Clermont that they’re pets and not livestock.

She comes from a long line of Southern women who LOVE to express themselves creatively and especially in the kitchen. Her maternal grandmother rarely even measured ingredients and could make a kick-butt biscuit practically in her sleep and feed an army with leftovers the day before “grocery day.” Her paternal grandmother was a nurse who had an entire file of jello recipes. We don’t want to go there. Trust me, some involved mayonnaise and cabbage. One featured corned beef. No, really.

Sybil attended Penn State, majoring in Fine Arts and following in the footsteps of her father, an Ag major who then went on to a completely different career than his course of study – she followed there too. She has been “on the radio” in eight states, spending a lot of time in the upper Midwest, including Madison, WI. She moved to the area in 2011 and joined Sunny part time in 2013.

She has four cats, three Betta fish, THREE different mowers (when our grass grows it GROWS), one was her father’s, too many plants, and her neighbors are probably wondering if she is trying to hide her house from the road with the various plantings.

The storytelling aspect of the biz is what she loves most about being on your radio. The human connection, the ability to paint pictures with words. The satisfaction of relating to people, one-on-one, and creating lasting bonds.

And she likes kick-ass Rock and Roll too.

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