Famous Actor High School PolaroidsDo you cringe at your school pics? Check out these old high school Polaroids of some then not famous actors.
The Worst Movie Casting Choices EverWell...That's Hollywood...and the Show MUST go on!
Today In Music History: 01/05/17Today in Music History, Benji finds a Cameron, Jimi spends the night in jail, Prince makes his live debut, and Sonny slips on the slopes.
Clueless Movie Reviews: "Sex Tape""Sex Tape" has its moments of genuine hilarity, but for the most part it aims low and goes for easy laughs that it hopes will appeal to its target fortysomething audience.
Sorry Guys, Cameron Diaz Has New Boy Toy...Benji Madden!41-year-old Cameron Diaz has a new boy toy, Good Charlotte guitarist, 35-year-old Benji Madden. What will be their celebrity abbreviated name?
Clueless Movie Reviews: "The Other Woman"The Other Woman is that rare film that will leave discerning audiences wondering if the filmmakers consciously set out to utilize every previously-used and abused cliché in the genre they could think of in order to crank out a film that was 100% unoriginal and predictable from start to finish.
Most Beautiful Woman In The World?!
Celebrity Trash'N Bash: Backlash Over DWTS Selecting Chaz Bono Continues
Celebrity Trash'n Bash: Source Says Tensions High Between Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez While Shooting New Film
Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Back Together Again
The Green Hornet Interviews: Cameron Diaz, Seth Rogen, Michel Gondry, Christoph Waltz
Is Cameron Diaz Hot For Teacher?

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