Airlines Prepare For Hurricane MariaSome major national airlines say there will be no change fees as Hurricane Maria heats up but warn travelers of cancellations and delays now. We have links to airlines preparing now.
Tips On Proper Use Of GeneratorsSadly, a new report of a family that used a generator incorrectly and lost three family members. Please pass this information for those not sure how to use a generator.
Sandbags Distribution LocationsHere are the latest locations for sandbags in surrounding counties.
Are You Ready For Hurricane Irma?Are you hurricane ready? Hurricane Irma is now a Cat 5 with winds 157 plus. Meteorologist say prepare now and hope for the best that Irma avoids Florida.
Florida Boasts Worst Drivers In The NationWhile we often see Florida heading up lists for positive things, this definitely isn't one of those.
Florida Family Finds 6 Foot Boa Constrictor Living In AtticOMG imagine seeing this huge boa constrictor slither out of your attic? It happened to one Florida family.
What Movie Best Represents Florida?What movie set in the sunshine state do you think best represents Florida? 
Woman Finds Iguana In ToiletImagine going to the bathroom at night only to find a huge iguana lurking in your toilet? It happens. In Florida. Check out the pics.
Florida Driver Renews Tag With MarkerA Florida driver got busted for using a marker to update his tags. The DIY driver ended up paying way more than the tag's cost.
Teen Surrenders After Video Of Woman Thrown In Pool Goes ViralA Florida teen surrenders after a viral video shows him throwing an elderly woman into the pool along with her dogs.
Catch a Python, Win A T-shirtIf you're in need of a t-shirt, all you have to do is catch a python.
Diver Pulls Large Hook From Belly Of A SharkEven sharks need TLC! Watch this incredible video of a Florida diver who pulls a large hook from a shark that seems to be asking for help.

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