SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.28.17: Baker's Dozen: 12 Angry PuppetsThis puppet show is definitely one for the older set.
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.27.17: Fringe Family FeudNothing more fun than a live and local take on a classic game show.
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.26.17: We Don't Play FightHasn't wrestling pretty much been theatre all along anyway???
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.25.17: Thankskilling The MusicalWhat's better than a horror movie spoof? A musical horror movie spoof!
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.24.17: Ferris Bueller's Day Off: The Unofficial MusicalThere have been a lot of 80s movies turned into musicals, and now it's time for Ferris to get his turn. Danke schoen!
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.23.17: Caws & EffectEven if you don't remember the antiquated overhead projector, this inventive "puppet show" is bound to thrill you.
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.22.17: Fruit Flies Like A Banana: World Tour“Fruit Flies” returns with a madcap trip around the globe.
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.21.17: Chase Padgett: 5 StarsFringe favorite Chase Padgett is back, and we can't wait!
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.20.17: Roller Derby Saved My SoulThis Canadian production on wheels is back once again by popular demand.
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.19.17: Wanzie With A ZLocal theatrical celeb Michael Wanzie brings his life, from 6 to 60, alive with three actors (including himself) playing him throughout the years.
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.18.17: Psycho ModeWhat do you get when you combine the plot of one of Hitchcock's masterpieces in suspense with the music of Depeche Mode? You get Psycho Mode!
SUNNY Fringe Pick 5.17.17: O-TOWN: Voices from OrlandoThe far reaching local effects of the Pulse tragedy will be found in O-TOWN: Voices from Orlando from Fringe veteran David Lee.

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