Neil Diamond To Retire Due To Parkinson'sNeil Diamond stuns fans with news about his health, but promises, he's not completely disappearing.
"Time Traveler" Reveals What Life Is Like In The Year 6000Another viral video this time from a man who claims he was part of a secret time travel mission - and has a picture to prove it and says we have cures now to diseases like cancer.
Adolescence Now Lasts From The Ages Of 10 To 24Do you agree with researchers that say adolescence should now be defined between the ages from 10 to 24! They give us the reasons why the shift in age.
YouTube Pulling The Plug On TidePod Challenge VideosTwenty years ago we thought we'd have flying cars by now instead we have to tell kids "Don't eat detergent!" Really?
Mom Makes Her 5 Year Old Pay RentA Georgia mom charges her 5 year old daughter rent. Brilliant or cruel? Well read how she executes this lesson in life.
Woman Treats Huge Python Snake Like A PuppyI’m not a huge fan of snakes but this woman makes this ginormous python seem cute. Watch her get this big snake into a tub for a bath.
Old Fashion Advice That Still WorksDo you think old fashion advice still applies today? I say yes!
7 Things You Shouldn't Touch To Avoid Getting The FluCDC warns the flu strain this year combined with a less effective vaccine makes it extremely dangerous. So to help you avoid getting sick here is a list of 7 things you should not touch! Yuck!
Vote For The Next Glaze For Krispy KremeYour Vote Counts! Love donuts then get on it and vote for the next glaze flavor that will be featured by Krispy Kreme! I already know which one I'm voting for! Yum!
Botched Family Photos Go Viral...Must See!These family photos went viral after their photographer said he could "touch them up." You have to see results. You will laugh!
Dogs Can't Speak Human...Yet!Scientist's say very soon we'll be able to truly communicate with our pet thanks to AI! I can hardly wait.
Now You Can Make KFC Chicken At HomeEver wanted to learn the super secret recipe to KFC fried chicken? Well, here it is!

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