The Worst Movie Casting Choices EverWell...That's Hollywood...and the Show MUST go on!
Clueless Movie Reviews: "Nightcrawler"More character study than thriller, "Nightcrawler" is riveting thanks to the talents of its star, Jake Gyllenhaal.
Clueless Movie Reviews: "Prisoners"With an A-list cast, a hot-button premise ripped from today's news headlines, and solid, capable direction from French-Canadian filmmaker Denis Villenueve, Prisoners has a great deal going for it in terms of captivating audiences and leaving them talking and thinking about its themes long after the credits roll. But in this case, 'less' might have served better than 'more', and led to a more satisfying viewing experience.
Clueless Movie Reviews: "End Of Watch"The moments that make "End of Watch" most effective aren't the car chases, the fights, or the gun battles, although those are all done well. It's the easy chemistry between its charismatic leads, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, which makes what they face day to day and the danger they encounter all the more immediate and intense.
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