The Worst Movie Casting Choices EverWell...That's Hollywood...and the Show MUST go on!
Kevin Costner Opens Up About His Real Life Connection to 'McFarland USA'Hollywood legend Kevin Costner returns to the big-screen this weekend with the feel-good family movie, 'McFarland USA.'
Rick Stacy On Demand 2.20.15Danica Patrick’s ‘live’ heated exchange with Denny Hamlin, Top 5 things people think while in line at Starbucks, “ISIS JOB FAIR’ and SNL 40’s Bill Cosby/Eddie Murphy skit in today's edition of Rick Stacy On Demand.
Clueless Movie Reviews: "McFarland, USA"Yes, it's another Kevin Costner sports movie, but don't let that turn you away from "McFarland, USA." Earnestly told and beautifully shot, it's a remarkable story that's worth your time and attention.
Clueless Movie Reviews: "Draft Day"Draft Day probably won't be the best sports film you've ever seen, but it's far from the worst. In fact, it's a surprisingly entertaining and well-constructed film which, in addition to satisfying your average NFL fans' desire for authenticity regarding the workings of the NFL Draft, should also appeal to a wide audience thanks to its cast and deft, comedic direction from Ivan Reitman.
Clueless Movie Reviews: "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit"Tightly-plotted, intense, and intelligent, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a solid, engaging thriller that can stand alongside the previous film adaptations of Tom Clancy's espionage novels in terms of quality while also retooling and freshening up the concept for newer audiences.
Clueless Movie Reviews: "Man Of Steel"Once you see Man of Steel, whether you enjoyed the film or not, you'll have to give director Zack Snyder credit for one thing: he's crafted a Superman film unlike any we've ever seen in the character's 75-year existence.
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Laurence Fishburne To Play Perry White In New Superman Film
Superman Reboot Movie Casts Lois Lane

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