YouTube Pulling The Plug On TidePod Challenge VideosTwenty years ago we thought we'd have flying cars by now instead we have to tell kids "Don't eat detergent!" Really?
Mom Makes Her 5 Year Old Pay RentA Georgia mom charges her 5 year old daughter rent. Brilliant or cruel? Well read how she executes this lesson in life.
7 Things You Shouldn't Touch To Avoid Getting The FluCDC warns the flu strain this year combined with a less effective vaccine makes it extremely dangerous. So to help you avoid getting sick here is a list of 7 things you should not touch! Yuck!
Dogs Can't Speak Human...Yet!Scientist's say very soon we'll be able to truly communicate with our pet thanks to AI! I can hardly wait.
CVS Taking A Major Stand Against Re-Touched PhotosCVS banning photo manipulation from their store makeup ads, and labeling products that doctor images. So, pretty much sucking the fun out of shopping.
Hooters Home Delivery? YupHooters restaurants are planning to expand delivery service in hopes of cashing in on customers who are too embarrassed to set foot in their restaurants but it's not what you think.
Airline Attendant Warns 'Don't Drink The Coffee'An unidentified airline attendant warns passengers "Don't drink the coffee on an airplane." Oh Oh!
Mysterious Yellow Ice Falls On HouseIf you live near an airport and a big chunk of yellow ice falls on your roof, what do you think it is? This woman and police investigating incident
Megyn Kelly Slammed For Saying "Some Women Want To Be Fat-Shamed"Megyn Kelly is being slammed over a comment that she asked her "step-father to fat-shame her in college."
Rick Stacy On Demand 1.11.18Rick struggles with messy house guests, Harvey Weinstein gets slapped, and a cruise ship reminds passengers not to fornicate with food in today's Rick Stacy On Demand.
Winn Dixie Ice Cream Bars RecalledWinn-Dixie is recalling ice cream bars for fear of listeria. Oh no!
Man Accused Of Stealing Tampons While Buying BeerA man paid for his beer but stole a box of tampons. Now he's a wanted man because hit was all caught on video.

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