Your FitBit, Key Fob Even Pacemaker Could Snitch On YouWatch out Big Brother is watching you! And you invited him in to your life! Smart devices keeping track of us and helping police with crime information.
Facebook Addictive As Chocolate And NicotineDo you know someone you think is addicted to Facebook? Well, they are according to this new study.
How To Avoid Having Your Instagram Account HackedI had my Instagram account hacked yesterday. Read how you can add another layer of protection to YOUR account in this story...and hopefully avoid being hacked.
A News Site Found A Way To Cut Angry CommentsA news site believes they’ve found a way to cut angry Internet comments. Will it work? They say it does.
Ten Etiquette Tips When Using Social MediaSince "our generation" isn't as tech savvy as our kids', I thought it would be useful for me to address the issues that may create problems for us due to our lack of social media knowledge.
Rick Stacy On Demand 5.18.15Mathew McConaughey booed and cheered over same film different day, social media turns on the Patriots and Nigerian restaurant busted for serving “human flesh” in today’s Rick Stacy On Demand.
Stomping On American Flag Is Latest Social-Media Challenge?There's a new social-media challenge: stomp on the American flag. There are video's making the rounds of people dropping the F-bomb and stomping on the American flag. I ask you to join me and post your American flag photos #AmericanPride
Rick Stacy On Demand 11.18.14Facebook At Work, a special Interstellar movie ticket, and an Italian chef's pronunciation problems come together in today's edition of Rick Stacy On Demand!
Social Media Is Ruining AmericaI'll take my friends the old fashioned way. Real, in person, and when they say something, they are looking me in the eye.
Rick Stacy On Demand 6.18.14The FBI's social media confusion, Kevin Hart's fear of roller coasters, and a drug-filled football come together in today's edition of Rick Stacy On Demand!
Recreate David Bowie's 'The Next Day' Album Cover With Your Facebook Photos
Madonna's Instagram Gets Instaweird

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