Which Are Healthier, Brown Or White Eggs?

March 1, 2018


I knew the answer to this one already, but I couldn't help myself... I got sucked into the internet article anyway.

There is NO nutritional difference, and here's the expert: “The simple, short answer is no,” says Marc Dresner, manager of marketing communications at the American Egg Board. “There’s no discernible difference in the taste; they’re about the same size; really the only difference is the shell color.”

A hen’s breed determines the shell color of the eggs it lays, which can range from perfect white to cream to brown to olive and even blue. Here's the NEW thing I learned: You can generally determine the color of the egg a hen will lay by looking at its earlobes. White earlobes mean white eggs; brown or red earlobes mean brown eggs; etc. CHICKENS HAVE EARLOBES!