Dude Rigs Car To Play “Africa” With Keys In Ignition

March 15, 2018



I never really stopped to think of the DING DING sound my car makes when I leave the keys in my ignition or my lights on but obviously it really bothered this guy to the point he rigged his car so it would play a song. Wow! That's actually a cool idea. YouTube user Chris Ng was tired of hearing the same old beeping noise when his door was open and keys were in the ignition. So instead he managed to rig his old Volvo 240 to play Toto’s smash hit “Africa.”

The version he used sounds a bit more cartoon-ish than the original, but nevertheless, he can still bless the rains down in Africa. One Reddit user gave some insight on what Ng’s drives will be like. “With start up music like that, you’re pretty much guaranteed to take a long, meaningful road trip full of introspection and soul searching every time you get in the car,” they say. According to Mashable, Ng is now raising funds to create customizable chimes for other vehicles. What an awesome idea! https://youtu.be/pZ301QEoo9Y&w=620 What song would you replace the beeping sound of your car? I would do The Beatles "In My Life" ~grace

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