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Zoe and Dad

Domino And Zoe Take Over Las Vegas

It was a great weekend of fun and work in Las Vegas. Zoe had a big TaeKwonDo tournament to attend and dad had some live broadcasting to do. Zoe At Spring Nationals 2019 In Vegas Categories: Galleries Tags: Zoe Spring Nationals Vegas Mix in some gambling, playing at indoor amusement parks and riding... Read More

It's The Year Of The Pig

Here's what happens as your kid gets older and smarter. They start to know stuff... and the more stuff they know... the more they can figure out why they need some more stuff. Zoe's always known what Zodiac sign she was. In case you didn't know, my little girl was born in June and she is a Cancer... Read More
Rams Male Cheerleaders

Rams Male Cheerleaders

Admit it. When you were in high school and you had male cheerleaders, you gave them grief didn't you? I played football. We had a host of names for the guys on our cheerleading roster that I cannot say here, or anywhere, in this day and age. Now I feel foolish. I see these guys that get to hang out... Read More

The Travel Chronicles starring Zoe and Domino

If you heard me on the radio this weekend, you know we were all the way in Tennessee for a TaeKwonDo tournament. What you didn't hear was the crazy back story, and the chain of events that took place, before Zoe even competed. It started regular enough, we leave OIA at 8:30pm on Friday night,... Read More

Middle School Isn't What It Used To Be

I want to preface this by saying I love teachers and all they do, but something is going on. I remember middle school. I had the same teachers in 6th grade all year, then a new set in 7th grade for the whole year. 8th grade, same thing. My PE coach never changed, and the coaches for football and... Read More
Happy New Year

New Years Resolutions Can Really Work

I know a lot of people that make New Years resolutions only to break them within the first week of the new year. I'm not here to say I know how to keep resolutions, but I will tell you I have been able to keep mine every year and build on it. I would call my resolutions ongoing ones. I've been... Read More
The Harlem Globetrotters

The Harlem Globetrotters Came To Orlando

I may be dating myself, but one of the things my dad and I would always look forward to was seeing The Harlem Globetrotters. Names like Meadowlark, Geese and Curly will always be ingrained in my childhood with great times with my pops. This past Saturday my little girl got the same treatment. The... Read More
Zoe and Dad

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss

If this changes your opinion of me so be it. I wanted to take a moment to weigh in on the "Kiss or not Kiss" thing with Dads and daughters. I saw the whole thing with David Beckham and his daugher, and how so many people were quick to criticize him and refer to it as inappropriate. Are you kidding... Read More
Gucci Slides

A Middle Schooler's Christmas List

Ah, how times have changed. I remember the days of holidays past, where dad could get away with spending a couple of hundred dollars, and be good for Christmas. I received Zoe's Christmas list yesterday and noticed a small difference. Every gift on her list, outside of some clothing items, were all... Read More

Win Free 45's??? Yes, You Can Today With Domino

All this week on the Domino program, you can win tickets to the Daytona Turkey Run at Daytona International Speedway, Thanksgiving Weekend. Plus, just because we thought it was cool, you are also going to raid my personal stash of 45 RPM records. Each person that wins will get 5 collectible 45's... Read More