A Middle Schooler's Christmas List

It costs how much???

November 13, 2018
Gucci Slides

Kirby Lee


Ah, how times have changed. I remember the days of holidays past, where dad could get away with spending a couple of hundred dollars, and be good for Christmas.

I received Zoe's Christmas list yesterday and noticed a small difference. Every gift on her list, outside of some clothing items, were all more expensive than my entire budget used to be.

I get it, kids have to be as cool as the next kid, so getting some of those air pods is probably a necessity. She's a lot like her dad when it comes to music. The headphones I use on the radio were only $50 and these air pod things are like $140. They do have a cool charging case though.

The next item on her list is a pair of Gucci slides, you know sandals.......things to walk around in that aren't shoes. I have a pair of fip flops that I bought for $5 and these things are over $150. That one might accidentally get left out of the stocking.

Then we have a leather jacket she found online for just over $200. If you have, or had kids, I'm sure you've seen the difference in what a kid that is 5 years old will be happy with, compared to a kid that is 11 years old. All I know, is that my pay hasn't increased that much in that same amount of time, so it's going to be a little interesting to see how Santa rolls this year to make everyone happy, without having to eat Ramen noodles and PBJ's for the rest of the year.

Wish me luck and looks like I'll be wearing those same pair of shorts for another year. Thank God for radio station T-shirts. 

One more thing, don't forget Thanksgiving. It seems like this year, even more than before, Turkey day has been forgotten. Being thankful should never be something we look at lightly.

Gotta go for now and see if I can find a knock off for these Gucci's that Zoe wants.....sshhh...don't tell.