New Years Resolutions Can Really Work

Don't give up on bettering yourself

January 2, 2019
Happy New Year

Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA


I know a lot of people that make New Years resolutions only to break them within the first week of the new year.

I'm not here to say I know how to keep resolutions, but I will tell you I have been able to keep mine every year and build on it.

I would call my resolutions ongoing ones. I've been making the same two resolutions for the past 7 years and evey year I feel I get a little closer.

Resolution #1, be a better person. Sounds easy, but with all the stress in daily life, it's harder than you think. The one thing I would say is to always write down your resolution somewhere you see every day. The reminders always gave me that extra effort to really come thru on what I thought would keep my resolution alive.

Resolution #2, be a better father. I had a great father myself, so being a great dad is something I really want to accomplish. The definition of what a great dad is may vary, but I want to be the guy that everyone looks at and says, "that guy is a great dad."

I have both of those resolutions written down on paper and I carry them with me every day. I read them, digest them, and everytime I think I am beginning to stray from my goal of keeping them, I read them again. 

This may seem rather mundane and unexciting, but the discipline of it, is what helps me and keeps me moving forward.

Maybe you have never made a new years resolution or quit because you got tired of letting yourself down. It's always easier to say you tried, but it's more more rewarding, when you can say you accomplished. 

Let's make 2019 a banner year!