The Rams Male Cheerleaders Are The Smartest Men On The Planet

Who gets to hang out with beautiful girls all day? The Rams male cheerleaders, that's who

February 1, 2019
Rams Male Cheerleaders

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Admit it. When you were in high school and you had male cheerleaders, you gave them grief didn't you?

I played football. We had a host of names for the guys on our cheerleading roster that I cannot say here, or anywhere, in this day and age.

Now I feel foolish. 

I see these guys that get to hang out with beautiful girls all day and be a part of their world. I can think of worse things to do. Bring on the insults, I'll let my company do the talking.

It may have taken 80 years for the Rams to make it happen, but this Sunday we will have male cheerleaders at the Super Bowl.

You might say, "I saw some guys a few years ago from the Ravens." That team, at the time, was referred to as a male stunt team. Guess what?  They are now part of the cheerleading squad for the Ravens.

I say cheer on!! Athletes are athletes, and whatever sport you embrace, I am happy you can do what you love.....and you get to go to the Super Bowl.

So, for those of you that continue to taunt the male cheerleaders from the stands, think about where you are going to be later. Probably hanging out with a bunch of sweaty guys, trying to find girls. Those guys will be hanging out with hot girls at the Super Bowl, and maybe even an after party.

Cheer on fellas, I will be watching for you Sunday!