Today In Music History 05/29/18

Music Knowledge from Domino

May 29, 2018

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

On this day in 1965, The Beach Boys would hit #1 for the second time with the song "Help Me, Rhonda." Guitar player Al Jardine sings lead.

The Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" is your number one song, on this day in 1971. It would hold the spot for two weeks and hit #2 in the UK.

On this day in 1976, Diana Ross hits #1 with the first disco hit for Motown, "Love Hangover." It was her fourth #1 as a solo artist.

We go to this day in 1977, right here in Orlando. It's Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, Kenny Logins and more performing at the Tangerine Bowl. Tickets cost $10-$12.50 each.

On this day in 1984, Tina Turner releases her first album in 5 years "Private Dancer." The album would produce 7 singles, win 4 Grammy Awards and sell over 20 million copies world wide. 

And finally, it was on this day in 1997, that Jeff Buckley drowned while swimming in Wolf River in Tennessee. He is best known for his version of  "Hallelujah" and was only 30 at the time of his death, his body wasn't found until June 4th.