The Travel Chronicles starring Zoe and Domino

Don't try this at home!

January 21, 2019

If you heard me on the radio this weekend, you know we were all the way in Tennessee for a TaeKwonDo tournament. What you didn't hear was the crazy back story, and the chain of events that took place, before Zoe even competed.

It started regular enough, we leave OIA at 8:30pm on Friday night, headed to Memphis. The weather was bad, so the plane was a little late and we landed about 12:05am local time. The desk for the car rental place I reserved a car at was closed, so I ran to another and got a car there. 

Then we went back to get our bags at baggage claim, but they were gone. I found them in the baggage claim office, which was locked and no one was there. This included the bag with Zoe's uniform and TaeKwonDo gear that she needed, so she is freaking out.

It didn't stop there.

We got to the hotel so late, they had given our room to someone else, and had none available. The guy found us another room at another hotel 15 minutes away. It was after 2am local time, by the time we got checked in and settled.

My kid is exhausted and had to compete the very next day.

I get up at 6am, drive back down to the airport, find someone to open the baggage claim office and I grab our bags. Then, I drive to where the tournament was taking place and check Zoe in, while she was still sleeping. I get the rough schedule of events and had to have her back there by 11:30am.

My favorite word in the world is relentless and my kid was seeing first hand what that means in our little world.

Long story short. Zoe competes and wins another medal, against a tough set of competitors, who had no idea the ordeal that she had gone thru, just a few short hours earlier.

That wasn't the best part of the day though. That happened when we were leaving, and it was snowing outside, and Zoe looked at me and said "Dad, you really came thru for me today, thank you." Medals and winning are great, but gratitude noticed was far better.

Congrats once again to a great kid with a bright future, let's hope I can continue to always come thru for her.