400 Pound Alligator Suspected Of Eating 100 Pound Dog Caught

Dog owner heartbroken over 'Tank.'

August 9, 2019



The first thing I was told when we moved to Florida was just assume every body of water, no matter how small, could have an alligator. I thought,"WHAT?! Where the heck did we move to?" Well, I want to thank that person who gave us that very important piece of knowledge. Alligators can even be in your neighborhood pond. 

We have two ponds in our neighborhood. I often see dog owners playing with their dogs near the water even in some cases, allowing the dogs to play in the pond and my heart stops. I can mention something to the person but often my words fall on deaf ears or they give me a smirk. Sigh.

Cynthia Robinson of Auburndale, Florida said she was walking her 6-year-old dog, Tank, by a retention pond on Thursday when a gator attacked. Robinson said she wanted to help her dog, but the alligator was huge and Tank didn't stand a chance. 

WTPS is reporting a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper has caught the alligator.

Trappers estimate the gator is at least 400 pounds and will be euthanized now. 

This story breaks my heart. Please be careful as alligators are in our ponds; don't gather to near or let kids or your dogs play in the water. ~grace