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Amazon's Prime Day Sale Has Competition From Others

Target, ebay and others are giving Amazon competition for a huge online sale day.

July 1, 2019

I do enjoy shopping online. I have never bothered though to shop the big day sales online. Well, apparently Prime Days sales offered by Amazon was bigger than Black Friday and even Cyber Monday in 2018. So this year, competitors are jumping on board and getting their share of the online pie! 

Amazon Prime Days (this year it’s 48 hours of sales) are coming up quickly, and other retailers are taking notice.

Target has announced it will hold a massive sale called Target Deal Days July 15th and 16th – the same dates for Amazon Prime Day. eBay is also getting in on the fun and is hosting a “crash sale” on July 15th. The name of their sale is mocking Amazon, which had so many sales on Prime Day 2018 that some shoppers got a 404 error, yup crashed their site.

Best Buy and Macy's may hold "Black Friday in July" sales over that same mid-July weekend, just like they did last year. Walmart, directly taking on Prime with its free next-day shipping options, will also undoubtedly get in on the online sale action. 

Who doesn't think competition is good now? When companies compete for your business, that is America at it's best! Enjoy shopping! ~grace