Amazon Still Working On Roaming Robot For Your Home

We knew her as 'Rosie' in the Jetsons but Amazon named her Vesta.

July 12, 2019

I think growing up we thought by 2019 we'd have flying cars, self cleaning homes and a robot named 'Rosie' right? Well, Rosie may arrive sooner than the flying cars! 

Amazon says it is working on it's robot prototype and even named it Vesta. Reports say  the prototypes have wheels and “are about waist-high and navigate with the help of an array of computer-vision cameras.” It also can be summoned with voice commands a la Echo and Alexa. I'll be honest, this is freaking me out a little bit. 

What exactly does Amazon have in mind we don't know at this point all that is known is that the company has assigned more engineers to work on their roaming robot. Get more of the scoop here.

I know technology can't be stopped but why do I get this creepy feeling we're that naive citizenry in "The Terminator?"   ~grace