America's Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

March 26, 2018
girl scout cookies



OMG I cringe every time it's Girl Scout cookie time because I love them so much! I love the shortbread cookies! Peanut Butter coming in a close second and rounding out my top 3 are thin mints.

Various flavors of Girl Scout cookies have come and gone over the years, but it turns out an old classic is America’s favorite: Thin Mint.

They’re the best-selling cookie according to the official organization website, and a whopping 50 million boxes of the crunchy chocolate-mint cookies were sold in 2013 alone.

Another cookie that sold extremely well for the Girl Scouts in the S’mores flavor, which launched in 2017 in celebration of 100 years of selling cookies, and it became the most popular Girl Scout cookie to ever be released.

Thank goodness these delicious snacks only are available once a year otherwise, oh boy, my scale would be in trouble! Just one more bite! Yum! ~grace