What State Is The Most Popular State To Move To?

New list of favorite states people are migrating to according to U-Hual.

January 7, 2020
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Moving across the country from Texas to Florida was a huge move for us but we did it for employment. So what state's attract people the most?

A previous report from United Van Lines claimed that Idaho is the state with the most people were moving to, but a new report by U-Haul disagrees. The truck rental company reports that Florida was actually the biggest growth state in 2019, topping the list for the first time in four years.

They came to their conclusion based on the amount of one-way truck rentals entering a state versus leaving it. Florida has come second to Texas for the past two years, but finally surpassed the Lone Star State. Woohoo! Good for you Florida, you did it!

But wait, if people are moving from what state are they most exiting? Well that dubious honor goes to Illinois. In fact, Illinois has earned that honor for the fourth time in five years, with more people moving out that moving in, with California right behind them at 49. ~grace

U-Haul’s Top Ten Growth States in 2019
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1. Florida


3. North Carolina

4. South Carolina

5. Washington

6. Alabama

7. Ohio

8. Utah

9. Indiana

10. Vermont