Apps Will Help You Stay Off Your Phone While Driving

No Texting and Driving law will be enforced beginning Jan 1.

January 2, 2020



I'll be honest today was the first day I drove from destination A to B without picking up and checking my phone. OMG IT WAS TOUGH!

Begining Jan. 1  the new Florida law of "No Texting and Driving" will be enforced in full. If a police officer sees you texting while driving they will be able to pull you over and write up a ticket. The exception is being able to text at a red light (great so we still have that person holding up traffic). However don't forget it's a definite no-no if you are in a school zone! 

Our buddies over at News 6 compiled a great list of apps that can help ween you off that temptation of picking up your cell while you're driving or replying to a text or checking your social media. 

Click here for the list. I may need one of these because my drive in today was rough! ~grace