Bald Eagles Protect Their Eggs After A Foot Of Snow Drops

More snow expected in Southern California.

March 12, 2019



I have always loved birds since I was very young. The most beautiful and regal of birds is our national bird the bald eagle. When I read this heading I knew I had to read and share the story and only to find, these birds are even more amazing than I even knew. No suprise they represent our great country.

A winter storm in effect for Southern California and two bald eagles are working over time to keep their eggs warm.The majestic birds at Big Bear Lake in Southern California, just east of Los Angeles, can be viewed on a live webcam braving the freezing temperatures in a nest near the top of a 120-foot tall pine tree. 

I have been watching these beautiful birds on the webcam, their determination is unbelievable. Eagles mate for life, however when one dies, the survivor will not hesitate to accept a new mate. During breeding season, both birds protect the nest territory from predators.

These are beautiful birds and watching them on the LIVE WEBCAM is amazing. Heart be still. ~grace