The Best (And Worst) States For Singles

Floida is the best state for singles, ranking high for dating opportunities and romance and fun, while West Virginia is the worst.

February 5, 2019



Several of my single friends say its so difficult to find someone to date muchless find a serious partner. Well, that may be but if you live in Florida, you have lady luck on your side. did some research to find which states are the best, and worst for singles, judging all 50 states on 28 key indicators of dating-friendliness, breaking them down into three categories opportunities, economics and romance, and fun.

So, if you’re single and looking for love where should you move? Well, apparently Florida, which earns an overall rating of 68.11 out of 100, and ranks at three for both opportunities and romance and fun, although it’s at 34 for economics, which means, while you may find love there, it’s may not come cheap.

The Top Ten Best States For Singles

1. Florida

2. California

3. Texas

4. New York

5. Pennsylvania

6. Illinois

7. Ohio

8. Wisconsin

9. Massachusetts

10. Michigan

On the flipside, you don’t want to be single in West Virginia, which earns an overall score of just 37.07, and lands pretty low on the list for all three categories, especially dating opportunities.

The Ten Worst U.S. States For Singles

1. West Virginia

2. Arkansas

3. North Dakota

4. Wyoming

5. Kentucky

6. Mississippi

7. Alaska

8. Alabama

9. Kansas

10. New Mexico

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