What's The Best Day To Buy Gas?

Does it make a difference in price?

April 10, 2019
gasoline station

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


We've all heard there is a certain time to buy airline tickets where they'll be more affordable, does the same apply for gasoline? Apparently!

A new study by GasBuddy.com discovered while prices predictably vary day to day, over the course of a year an average driver can save $20 to $30 by gaming the system. 

USA Today reports the best time to fill up on average is Monday morning, and the worst day to do it is on a Friday. I agree, I see gas prices change drastically by even mid week.

GasBuddy says that all comes down to supply and demand, well that's basic capitalism so yeah however it appears fewer people are getting gas on Mondays compared to Fridays. I'm thinking people gas up for their weekend outtings. 

Now experts say while this is a great observation it still may depend on where you live, though in most states Monday was the best day to fill up on the cheaper end.

Why take a chance? I'm filling it up on Monday! ~grace