The Best Day To Buy Your Christmas Tree Is…

If you want to save money, don’t run out and buy your Christmas Tree right after Thanksgiving

November 14, 2018
Christmas tree



True story: one year my hubby and I were so busy we found ourselves desperately hoping to find a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Went to the nearest tree lot and they were closed but still had a scattering of trees. The guy working said, "We're closed" and we asked what about these trees? He said, "Take whatever you want!" Whoa!  We started digging through the trees when a guy drives up and says, "I need a tree! I promised my little boy I'd come home with a tree." By this time, hubby and I had found the best one among the discarded trees. We looked at the dad and said, "Here, take this one, it's the best one out of all of them." He wanted to give us money and we said, "No, we're here getting a tree too..." It wasn't the free tree that made that a happy Christmas it was that we knew we helped  a dad keep his promise to his little boy on Christmas! All together now...awww.

Well, saying that when is the best time to buy a tree? Well do your best not to purchase a tree around Thanksgiving unless you want to spend an arm and a leg, you may want to wait a few weeks before you go tree shopping.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Christmas Eve is the cheapest day to buy a Christmas tree, with the average price of a tree just $47 (or in my case, FREE CHEAP!).While that may seem to be too late for almost everyone, if folks can hold out buying a tree until the week before Christmas, they’ll likely save about 22% on their tree. Hmm, that's not bad.

Of course, not many people can stand to wait that long, and those who rush out to buy their tree will pay the price. In fact, the most expensive day to buy a tree is Cyber Monday, with trees costing, on average, $81. And don’t expect any Black Friday deals either, with the average price of a tree on that day about $77. Or the other option, buy an artificial tree! 

As for how much folks can realistically expect to spend, the National Chistmas Tree Association believes prices will be similar to last year, where the average price was about $73.

The most I've paid for a Christmas tree is about $125, yeah, I won't make that mistake again.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your tree and family! ~grace