Betty White Wishes Her "Shirtless Friend" Smokey Bear A Happy 75th Birthday!

Only Betty White can get away with a cute flirty message!

August 12, 2019

I love Betty White! I've been a fan of hers for decades. So anything she does is adorable and funny! Today I read she will be voicing an ad to honor Smokey Bear's 75th birthday this Friday.

Betty White is an animal lover and advocate so her message is focused on how the fires harm all the forest animals. 

The 97-year-old actress joined the Forest Service and Ad Council teamed up on a new video in which she voices the iconic character. Sam Elliott, born on the same day as Smokey, has voiced the bear for years, reminding people that “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires.”

The message is the longest-running public service advertising campaign in U.S. history, as relevant and urgent today as it was in 1944. Al Roker and Jeff Foxworthy have also lent their voices to the cause in similar PSAs launched earlier this year.

Here's the adorable Betty White's video. Listen closely to her words of wisdom. I Heart Betty! ~grace