Charity Creates Princesses Yarn Wigs For Children With Cancer

The non-profit group has been creating Disney princesses wigs since 2015.

October 9, 2018



I came across a photo of these adorable doll like wigs for children on Twitter and I made it a point to find out more. Well, it turns out this great organization has been creating these gorgeous wigs for children with cancer since 2015. I just love it! 

The nonprofit group called,  The Magic Yarn Project, was started by Holly Christensen and Bree Hitchcock in 2015.

The Alaska-based charity has created nearly 4,000 wigs for children diagnosed with cancer. The ladies say they have over 3,000 volunteers who help knit these Disney-themed wigs for children. 

"Christensen, a part-time orthopedic nurse who once worked in the oncology unit, came up with the idea for The Magic Yarn Project when her friend’s 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Aware of the effects of chemotherapy, such as hair loss and sensitive scalp, Christensen set about creating a soft wig out of yarn to cover the child’s head, as opposed to using a traditional, synthetic wig."

And the results were and are truly beautiful. You can see that these wigs are made with lots of love. ~grace

If you'd like to donate or would like info click here.