Classic Charlie Brown Christmas Tonight

Why do we look forward to viewing our classic Christmas shows live on TV?

December 6, 2018
Charlie Brown Christmas



Why is it that I still get excited with anticipation when I learn "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is scheduled to air on TV? I own the DVD. I've downloaded the classic 1965 animation on my smart TV so why? It finally hit me. The classic Christmas shows we grew up watching as children take me back to that exact exciting feeling I felt just pure innocence and couldn't wait for Christmas! 

With all the recent controversies surrounding our beloved Christmas classics I know I'll enjoy Charlie Brown even more this year. 

I think we all can relate to Charlie Brown. We all have been bullied, or felt not quite "popular" and yes, even lonely as children but its all part of growing up. I don't have children but each year with my nieces and nephews, I made sure they were seated with me in front of the TV to watch the Peanuts gang, Rudolph, Little Drummer Boy, Frosty and so many others. Now, I text them to remind them, "Hey Charlie Brown tonight!" And they respond quickly "Awesome Thanks Aunt Grace!" Do they watch it? I don't know but a part of me makes me happy knowing when they see anything Charlie Brown, they'll think of me. 

So here's the line up of the Christmas classics we grew up with for the next days leading up to Christmas thanks to the Cheat Sheat for posting:

A Charlie Brown Christmas airs today December 6 at 8/7c on ABC as part of the network’s 25 Days of Christmas lineup. The original special will be followed by Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales. ABC will show the animated feature again on Thursday, December 20 at 8/7c. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: No offense to the movie or the new animation, it's the one we grew up with that is the best! The1966 animated special featuring the voice of Boris Karloff is the best adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s classic story. It airs at 8/7c on NBC again on Christmas Day.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: With all the fancy digital stuff they can do now I still love the stop-motion animation of this popular 1964 Christmas special from Rankin/Bass. IEnjoy it on CBS  Saturday, December 8 8/7c.

Frosty the Snowman: This1969 animated special features the voice of Jimmy Durante as Frosty. CBS will air our favorite talking snowman again at 9/8c on Saturday, December 8. Friday,

I know you probably own these in one form or another but suspend reality and allow yourself to enjoy the Christmas classics again just like when we were kids.

Merry Christmas! ~grace