Cocoa Police K9 Bear Wins His Challenge Continues On 'Top Dog' Reality Show

A&E's 'America's Top Dog' competition show for police & their K9 companions as well as civilian dogs & trainers.

January 16, 2020
K9 police



I'm a big supporter of our law enforcement and I especially enjoy helping out the K9 unit. In the past, I've helped the Oviedo Police Department with fundraisers to help purchase another K9 police dog. These dogs are special and the best among their breed which is why they are so expensive and a valued officer among the department. A&E has a new reality show called 'America's Top Dog' highlighting competition for police & their K9 companions as well as civilian dogs & trainers.

Locally, we have a contest similar to A&E's 'America's Top Dog' it's called "Central Florida Police K9 Competition."  Well, now we have a local K9 to cheer on appearing on the 'Top Dog' reality show: Cocoa Police Department K9 Bear

On Wednesday, Officer Dan Rhoades and K-9 Bear of the Cocoa Police Department appeared on "America's Top Dog," a new reality TV competition on A&E. Rhoades bragged that his furry partner, Bear, could run "50 yards in 2.13 seconds, faster than any human ... and he's a vacuum around snacks in the house." Bear won the competition's on his episode and he and Rhoades advance on the show. But wait, 6year old German Shepherd Bear isn't the only K9 from the Cocoa Police Department appearing on the show, their first female K9, 2 year old German Shepherd Kyra will also be making an appearance! Wow! 

Florida Today has a great video of Bear! 

I'm not usually star struck but I so want a photo with both Bear and Kyra! Heart be still. ~grace