Company Designs NASA-Inspired Underwear That Doesn't Need To Be Washed For Weeks

A Danish company has created underwear designed to be worn for weeks but would you wear them?

May 17, 2018



I may regret this and it may be filed under TMI, but when it comes to undies, I have so many because I look at them like gym clothes, you need to change out of them and wash them immediately! Saying that, I think, what in the world is this company thinking about underwear that don't have to be washed for weeks? One word comes to my mind immediately: GROSS!

Underwear is something most people change each day, but now a company has created a pair they say can go for weeks without being washed.

Danish company Organic Basics says the line was inspired by materials used by NASA that are naturally anti-microbial. The company claims the special undies are, “durable, comfortable, odor-killing, [and] kill 99.9 percent of all the bacteria.”

The company says their goal is to reduce carbon footprints left by frequently using washing machines. Organic Basics is trying to raise money on Kickstarter to create their products – and they’ve already surpassed their $30,000 goal by quite a bit. A-ha! There it is, it's all about less washing and global warming. 

Well, while I love Mother Earth and believe we need to take care of her, some things as usual are taken to an extreme, and wearing underwear, even "NASA-inspired" undies, for weeks, I'm going to give that a big THUMBS DOWN! ~grace