Cow Cuddling Is The New Wellness Trend

It Costs $300 For A 90-Minute Session!

November 19, 2018



I live in a pretty rural area so I see cows everyday and I love it! I often want to stop and talk to them or even pet them. I don't because I don't want to get in trouble (besides what if they start talking back? Oh boy!). Well now, someone had the same thought I did and decided this is good therapy...let's charge people! Only in America!

The latest trend is now ‘cow cuddling’!

According to PubMed, there is ample proof a good way to decrease stress is interacting with animals. I agree. Why I own doggies! Now, how you choose to go about interacting with animals is your choice and if you can't afford or house a pet, this concept of paying may not be so far fetched.

Enter Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York offering the ‘Horse & Cow Experience’ where you can spend time with large barnyard animals. You can choose from petting, brushing or playing. If you’re not in the mood to play with the animals, you can simply cuddle with them. “Cows have a body temperature that is slightly higher than humans and their heart rate is lower than ours. Cuddling up with a cow, feeling that lower heart rate and higher body temperature, is very relaxing,” Mountain Horse Farm wrote on their website. I can see that. I love to hold my doggies their warmth calms me down. 

MHF say that hanging out with their animals will not only give you relaxation, healing, awareness, comfort, and mindfulness but also with building assertiveness, confidence and overcoming fear. I can see that! Animals have amazing power! 

So if you have that kind of cash and that kind of time, do it. If not, there's always a petting zoo at a festival near you. ~grace